Answering machine detection

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    Created by: ahm gawad on 17-10-2010 07:10:54 AM
    hello all,
    is this any way to Detect answering machine over sip-trunk (voip to voip calls) with out using ICM
    could this be done through tcl or vxml
    i think this could be done through CPA but how?

    Subject: RE: Answering machine detection
    Replied by: Anusha Kannappan on 18-10-2010 01:09:27 PM
    Hi Ahm Gawad,
    Actually Version 6.0 of the Unified Outbound Option adds several important features, including software based Call Progress Analysis (including answering machine detection), so I don't it is possible to detect an answering machine without using an ICM.
    Refer the URL:

    Subject: RE: Answering machine detection
    Replied by: ahm gawad on 23-10-2010 12:35:25 PM
    thanks for your answer
    i think i can do it but i have another question 
    can i send an event to vxml leg from tcl