MIDP support on the 7925G?

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    Created by: Craig Knighton on 12-10-2010 09:22:43 PM
    I have a "Hello World" applet built that I am trying to deploy to my 7925G phone via CUCM 7.  The provisioning process for the IP Phone Service and subscription on the phone for the MIDLet all seem to work as expected and the MIDLet ends up listed as available under the Services menu, but when I select it, nothing happens.  I have examined the web logs to confirm that the phone is not even attempting to read the JAD/JAR files from the specified URL.
    Any ideas what is happening?  From what I can see, MIDLets on the 7925 are supported without any special signing, but I'm stumped as to why the phone will not attempt to download the application as expected.  Could this relate to the version of firmware in use on the phone?

    Subject: RE: MIDP support on the 7925G?
    Replied by: James Marsh on 15-10-2010 04:58:21 PM
    Running Midlets does require the 1.4(1) firmware for the phones. That firmware is available from the Resources tab above. If you have continue to have problems, you can try turning on the MIDlet debug messages and try to troubleshoot that way. Here are they steps for enabling debug messages. (More information is available in chapter 14 of the Java MIDlet Developer Guide.)
    1. Enable "Web Access" from the device settings page in CUCM.
    2. Access the device page by navigating to its IP address.
    3. Change debug settings under "Trace Settings".
    Hope this helps,


    Subject: RE: MIDP support on the 7925G?
    Replied by: Conrad Price on 19-10-2010 02:49:44 PM
    Assuming you have the 1.4.x firmware installed, you should be able to turn on some Java debug on the phones which will write Java information (and MIDlet information) into the log file. This might give a clue as to what is happening.
    The developer guide gives some information towards the back of the document on how to turn on the debug values and how to download the load files to see what is happening in the phone.
    Usually, if there is  a problem with the jar/jad file, an error message will be displayed on the status line. If there is no response at all on the screen, that would make me suspect that the JVM is not in place.

    Subject: RE: MIDP support on the 7925G?
    Replied by: Craig Knighton on 26-10-2010 03:47:50 PM
    You were right - the issue was that the JAD and/or JAR were not being downloaded successfully because of poor wifi coverage in the area where I was working.  As a result, while your Phone Service would be listed, when you clicked on it you just got an error that said "Error, contact administrator".
    I stumbled on this because it happened to succeed once this morning and I was able to see what it looks like when a Java midlet does attempt to launch.  One way to diagnose the problem is that when an midlet does try to launch you will see the Java logo pop on the title bar.
    I did have JAD file issues earlier but my attempts to resolve them and test the fix were failing because of the connectivity issues.  Another way to diagnose this issue is that you also can not retrieve any details about the midlet - you just get the same error displayed.  If you were successful at downloading the application then you will at least see details even if the application fails to launch successfully.