How do to set level on sdk endpoint agent?

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Created by: Luigi Borghetti on 12-10-2010 02:43:07 PM
Hi Energy Team,
We have linked on port gigaethernet 0/7 an sdk agent endpoint based on linux debian OS.
From switch C3560E with energywise ios ver. 12.2(53)SE2, we have sent the following command:

EW#sh energywise children
Module/Interface   Role              Name                  Usage      Lvl   Imp  Type
---------   ----              ----                  -----      ---   ---  ----
         WS-C3560E-24PD    EW                    94.0  (W)  10    1    parent
Gi0/7       Endpoint          host                    0.0   (W)  10    1    child
Gi0/21      EndPoint          INSPIRON            120.0 (W)  10    5    child
Total Displayed: 3      Usage: 214.0
EW#energywise query importance 1 name host collect usage
EnergyWise query, timeout is 6 seconds:
Query Complete:  No results match your search.

We have energywise source code. 
For use it's not possible to modify the level on system and the name host.
Can you help us, please?

Subject: RE: How do to set level on sdk endpoint agent?
Replied by: Brad Schoening on 12-10-2010 09:46:03 PM
Could you try with importance of 100 
EW#energywise query importance 100 name host collect usage

If that still doesn't work, try it with a name wildcard
EW#energywise query importance 100 name *collect usage

"importance" in the query matches domain members and end points with importance values less than or equal to the specified value respond to the query. The range is from 1 to 100.