MIB for control of EnergyWise daemon

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Created by: Christopher Verges on 06-10-2010 03:14:37 PM
Hi EnergyWise team,
The Cisco EnergyWise protocol is extremely helpful in consolidating power information to a single "data plane" and has enormous potential and benefits as a platform technology as a result.  In combination with the new IETF EMAN Working Group, it seems like data transport is very well handled.
However, control of the EnergyWise agents/daemons could be one of the next big challenges.  For example, "pushing" out EnergyWise configuration parameters to network hosts -- like domain, secret, etc. -- is something that is currently left up to each vendor to support.  This could lead to disjoint "control planes", reducing the platform effect of EnergyWise.  The CISCO-ENERGYWISE-MIB offers a template implementation of what such a common control plane could be.  At current, even this is enterprise-specific and may not encompass all use cases.
So consider this the request for EnergyWise to promote a common control plane interface in addition to its already awesome data plane.