CiscoIPPhoneStatus & the new phones

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    Created by: Stephan Steiner on 29-09-2010 03:57:59 PM
    CiscoIPPhoneStatus / CiscoIPPhoneStatusFile are not supported on the new devices.
    We do use those fields in a variety of our apps and I'm wondering - what kind of replacement is there? We do need a way to get information to the standard screen of the phone when having an idle screen is not an option.

    Subject: RE: CiscoIPPhoneStatus & the new phones
    Replied by: David Staudt on 29-09-2010 07:45:43 PM
    Support for the CiscoIPPhoneStatus and CiscoIPPhoneStatusFile objects will be introduced for the 9971, 9951, and 8961 models in firmware version 9.0(4) (posting this week.)  There are no plans to implement these for 6921, 6941, 6961, 6901, 6911 models.
    An updated 8.0(1) IPPS app dev guide will also be posted this week.

    Subject: RE: CiscoIPPhoneStatus & the new phones
    Replied by: Stephan Steiner on 30-09-2010 08:55:09 AM
    Thanks for the heads-up. That's good new. While we do have the 69xx series in the lab, we don't see those models as the prime target for application development anyway.