Original external calling number in CALL_DELIVERED_EVENT

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    Created by: Stephan Steiner on 29-09-2010 03:52:57 PM
    This is a common issue faced with CUCCX - when the agent phone rings, the number shown is the number of the CTI port, not the number from the caller. The actual caller that the CUCCX is trying to connect can only be seen in the agent desktop at that point.
    I need to bring this information to the phone. So, browsing through the developer documentation, it looks to me like the event I should get when a phone rings is CALL_DELIVERED_EVENT. However, what the documentation doesn't tell me is what kind of caller information is available in that event. In JTAPI I only have the number of the CTI port. In the CTI API, do I have both CTI Port number and original caller number (from the call that's still in the queue and that a script tries to route to the agent by calling the agent)? And if so, which field is which?