UC Solution Reporting using AXL

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    Created by: Aicha Said on 29-09-2010 02:05:18 PM
    Hello all,
    We have worked on providing our customer a set of UC metrics such as:
    Call Success Rate, Call Volume, Call Volume, MRGL, Gateways utilization
    The collection process is done exporting CDR and
    Traffic Summary from CAR for Call Success Rate and Traffic Summary respectively
    and for Call Quality, we use CVTQ reports from CUSM. This is done manually each month sometimes week especially for CDR since these files can
    reach up to 200MB.
    Is there a way using a script to automate the
    exporting of these files? Pointing to the URL of CAR, is there a way we could
    export CDR and traffic summary for example?

    For metrics such GW BRI utilization and CUCM
    servers CPU and Memory we export csv files from CUSSM and for Media Resource
    utilisation, GW PRI utilization, Locations-CAC, Devices registered on CUCM and
    CTI utilization we use RTMT to fill in an excel templates.
    Identifying the correct CUCM API, is there a way
    using AXL request to develop a script that will poll CUCM and collect all the
    above information in a more optimized manner?

    My programming knoweldge is basic however with your help to point me in the right direction I am sure I can do something to help me automate this process.