MIDLet support on the 7925G?

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    Created by: Craig Knighton on 28-09-2010 08:08:49 PM
    I have a "Hello World" applet built that I am trying to deploy to my 7925G phone via CUCM 7.  The provisioning process for the IP Phone Service and subscription on the phone for the MIDLet all seem to work as expected and the MIDLet ends up listed as available under the Services menu, but when I select it, nothing happens.  I have examined the web logs to confirm that the phone is not even attempting to read the JAD/JAR files from the specified URL.
    Any ideas what is happening?  From what I can see, MIDLets on the 7925 are supported without any special signing, but I'm stumped as to why the phone will not attempt to download the application as expected.  Could this relate to the version of firmware in use on the phone?