Reading Prompt Data in UCCX 8.0

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    Created by: Shaun McDonnell on 27-09-2010 03:26:01 PM
    I have an application deployed for many clients that would use the names of the prompt files stored in the db_cra_repository database.  This was never a problem in previous versions of UCCX because the data was always read only.
    However, in UCCX 8 I cannot find a way to read this same information from the db_cra_repository database.  I have tried every user possible and still no read access.
    This is critical for my company and partners to deploying UCCX 8 to existing and new customers.
    Are there any solutions to this problem or am I missing something in the documentation?  Thanks so much for your help.
    Shaun C McDonnell
    Sr. Software Engineer
    Presidio Networked Solutions (formerly Coleman Technologies)