Changing the capacity of the voicemail box

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    Subject: RE: Changing the capacity of the voicemail box
    Replied by: David Wanagel on 27-09-2010 12:26:06 PM
    There are several objects that are read only in CUPI, mailboxes and mailbox stores are part of the set of read only objects, so the WADL correctly reflects that there is no PUT, POST or DELETE option available,
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    Created by: vimod shankar on 27-09-2010 09:07:50 AM
    Hi i wanted know if it is possible to change the size of the voice mail box through CUPI. i looked at the 7.1.3-CUPI-WADL and there are options to GET the details of the mailbox store ( i could see in the schema file that this object has the MaxSizeMB details). but there are no options to PUT the details of my choice. Can you please help in this regard.