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Created by: Sayed Noor Mohammed on 22-09-2010 08:56:26 AM
we have a UCCX 7 setup for one of our clients  and we are facing some limitations on the Historical reporting which i'm listing here:
1. in the UCCX script, we have the option to redirect calls from CSQ1 to CSQ2 or to a voicemail if no agent is logged in CSQ1, now in the HR reports we are unable  to get reports on the number of calls directed to CSQ1 when the CSQ1 agents are not logged in.
2. in the UCCX script in the IVR part we have many departments in which the caller can choose when he calls into the call center (press 1 for department x, press 2 for department y and so on) we need to have reporting on the number of callers who pressed and selected each option in the IVR, i didn't find that option in the different available reports in the HR
is there a way to get reporting on this?
3. in the UCCX script, we have options for after office hours so that if the caller pressed and chose option 1 the call will be directed to an 800 number or other outside PSTN number, we need to have reporting on the call volume for these options i.e how many callers dialed option1 during after office hours and their calls were redirected to the outside number that is configured in the script (redirect step in the CRS editor)
4. we are getting inaccurate/insufficient statistics on the de-queued calls from other queues. Since we have the option (as stated in point 1 above) to forward the calls from CSQ1, CSQ2, CSQ3 ... etc to CSQ_X if there is no agent logged in in CSQ1, CSQ2, CSQ3 ..etc, i wants to have reporting on how many calls have been redirected from CSQ1, CSQ2, CSQ3 and others to CSQ_X if no agents is logged in in the mentioned CSQs (CSQ1, CSQ2, CSQ3 ..etc) the requirement is to get the number of calls with the name of the CSQ where the call dequeued from
please help us to resolve the above issues
thanks ikn advance

Subject: RE: HR reporting issues ...
Replied by: Joe Joe on 01-06-2011 09:13:20 AM
I am not familar with UCCX but can you set call types in the scripts? I use call types in ICM after the different options the caller selects. I can then run reports against these call types and determine how many people selected which options.