Phone and CUCM software versions

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    Created by: Conrad Price on 17-09-2010 10:46:30 PM
    Firmware 1.4.1 is the first version to introduce Java MIDP support,
    this version is due to released in Nov 2010, and  EFT versions
    are available in the Resources section.
    This version also introduces several other software features based
    on feedback and requests. It includes all the features and fixes
    that have been applied to the 1.3.x branch.
    CUCM 7.0 is the earliest version of CUCM that could be used for
    Java MIDP support. CUCM 7.0 introduced the enhanced service
    provisioning, which permits Java applications to be provisioned.
    Device updates for the CUCM are available thorugh a mechanism
    known as device packs. The device packs needed to update a
    CUCM 7.0 and later system, in order to recognize the 7926
    device type, are available in the Resources section.
    CUCME does not support the enhanced service provisioning. There
    is nothing to stop a CUCME system from supporting the 7926 as
    a device, but it is not possible to provision the Java MIDlet service
    until the new CUCME release that is targeted for H1 CY2011