Please ask questions in the forum

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    Created by: Conrad Price on 17-09-2010 10:30:45 PM
    Development partners have had differing levels of interaction with
    the Cisco development teams involved in phone services.
    Some have been invited to in-house TOIs, some have been included
    in beta and EFT programs. In most cases I don't think we've done
    a great job in providing a one stop forum for exchanging information.
    The developer support do a great job in providing information, and
    with the creation of this CDN portal, I hope that we use the portal
    as place in which to provide yet more information.
    With that in mind, I would ask that if you have any questions about
    the MIDP support for Cisco phones, please post the question in
    the forum, so that we can provide a place where both the question
    and the response can be accessible to all.
    In the early days of this program, key people involved in the
    program will be subscribed to notifications when a question
    is posted and we will strive to provide a response in 24 hours.