Java MIDP supported platforms

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    Created by: Conrad Price on 17-09-2010 10:23:57 PM
    The 7926G is the platform that as driven the MIDP program. The
    7926G is based on the 7925G, it has the same processor, same
    screen, and very similar mechanics.
    The available memory in the wireless phones is not large, as with
    many embedded devices that were designed a few years ago, only
    small amounts of memory were provided.
    The 7925G has 32Mb of dram and 32Mb of Flash. When the operating
    system is fully loaded, this leaves us with around 2Mb of memory to
    work with safely. This is enough to run a MIDlet, depending on how
    many graphics and how much work the MIDlet is expected to do.
    The 7926G is always going to be running MIDlets, and we decided to
    increase the dram and flash to 64Mb each. With hindsight, we would
    have added 64Mb to the 7925G when it was created, but at the time
    we were not sure if the MIDP program would reach the light of day.
    The 7921G is a slightly older processor, with a different memory
    structure and we discovered early on that the 7921G would not
    really have the ability to run MIDlets safely, so we decided not to
    implement MIDP support on this platform.