Cisco wireless phones and MIDP

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    Created by: Conrad Price on 17-09-2010 10:10:47 PM
    If you have found these pages, you are probably aware that the Cisco
    wireless phones, the 7921G and 7925G have become very popular in
    certain industry segments, especially health care and retail. The
    7925G has spawned off two variants, the 7925G-EX designed for
    environments need ATEX and CSA certification, and the 7926G which
    is the bar code scanner phone.
    The idea of adding a bar code scanner to a wireless phone has been
    kicking around for a few years, but as we started to explore this path,
    we realized that an application environment was needed. This  triggered
    the discussions to port a JVM  and Java MIDP support to the wireless
    In 2008 Cisco implemented MIDP support in the desk top phones,
    initially with the intention of supporting MIDlets and allowing developers
    to write more dynamic applications for the desk phones. But as we
    went down that path we realized that we had added so many features to
    the desk phones, there was insufficient memory to support 3rd party
    MIDlets safely. Since phone services are the primary function of the
    phones, we decided to restrict the MIDP access to the desk phones.
    However, the 792x series of wireless phones do not have the same
    constraints and it was felt quite viable to offer MIDP support in these
    phones to developers. But we needed a program to make this support
    a reality. The bar code scanner phone was the vehicle to do this. The
    bar code scanner needs a client app to integrate between the bar code
    data and a back end information system. XSI would be too slow for this
    kind of integration, Java MIDP would be ideal, and thus we embarked on the