How to retreive and modify the XML response.

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    Created by: Manas Varma on 03-11-2009 04:53:35 AM
    In order to reorder the lines on a phone using the update phone function, the error that I encountered was "No update permissions" . I got to know that by modifying the XML response , as in by removing the element called "patternUsage" which is returned by the getPhone AXL call , this issue can be resolved. But I am not able to figure it out , that how I will modify the XML response. I am stuck very bad, klindly help!!
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    Subject: RE: How to retreive and modify the XML response.
    Replied by: Stephan Steiner on 03-11-2009 10:13:47 PM
    I'm assuming you are writing your AXL statements manually.
    Do have a look at the XML schema for the CCM release you're using? The schema documentation can be found right here in the documentation section:
    If you compare the getXYZRes with updateXYZ command you'll see that you cannot send back every parameter (and that many are optional so if you don't change them, there's no need to send them again unless they're mandatory fields).
    Bottom line: always refer to the schema - and if it is once not correct (yes it happens then you just look at the AXL logs at the call manager.. they'll usually tell you exactly which parameter caused the problem.