Pull Mobile no: from AD and display in IpPhone

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    Created by: Shwetha Sanjeev on 03-11-2009 04:28:47 AM
    Hi ,
     I am using the call manager version 4.3 and MS AD plug-in is installed and configured to make look ups to it from CUCM to AD. Currently it is possible to search the business phone numbers of people given the last name and first name. We need to retrieve the mobile number also and display it on the phone. Is this possible?
    We are using javascript and while retrieving data from AD, instances of Active Objects are made.
     var userSearchTable = new ActiveXObject("UMX.UMHashTableX");
     var firstNameVals = new ActiveXObject("UMX.UMStringListX");
    Is it mandatory to create an ActiveXObject and stuff the user entries to a hash table?
     userInfoList = defProvObj.getUserInfoByFilterGenericX(userSearchTable,0,0,maxSearchSize);
    And do anyone have an idea about what getUserInfoByFilterGenericX() mean? Is that an API call or something?
    Kindly help.

    Subject: RE: Pull Mobile no: from AD and display in IpPhone
    Replied by: Ramgopal Chockalingam on 17-12-2009 10:25:25 AM
    For ActiveX object help / AD method calls from Javascript you may have to google. However FYI., MobileNumber could also be fetched from the AD and displayed as part of IP Phone Directory service.
    We have a sample localizedDirectory asp script as part of the IPPS SDK over here http://developer.cisco.com/web/ipps/resources
    Hope this helps.

    Subject: RE: Pull Mobile no: from AD and display in IpPhone
    Replied by: Tom Rice on 10-09-2010 06:18:37 AM
    You don't have to develop this yourself if you don't want to. There are several inexpensive products that will do just this.  We are using an application by http://visualviewmail.com to pull the mobile phones from AD.  It is designed to work with Exchange 2010 but we are only using the AD directory feature and it works great.