Problem with addPhone CTI Port (PHP)

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    Created by: MARCUS STOLZENBERG on 27-10-2009 12:05:50 PM
    I have a litte problem with the addPhone.
    If I try the following:
    $client->addPhone(array("newPhone"=>array("name"=>"Port1","description"=>"Port1","product"=>"CTI Port","model"=>"CTI Port","class"=>"Phone","protocol"=>"SCCP","protocolSide"=>"User","devicePoolName"=>"Default")));
    I get:
    SOAP-ERROR: Encoding: object hasn't 'enableExtensionMobility' property in
    I thought that I have the same "problem" I had in my updatePhone post some days ago.
    But if I do this:
    $client->addPhone(array("newPhone"=>array("name"=>"Port1","description"=>"Port1","product"=>"CTI Port","model"=>"CTI Port","class"=>"Phone","protocol"=>"SCCP","protocolSide"=>"User","devicePoolName"=>"Default","enableExtensionMobility"=>"false")));
    I get:
    Extension Mobilty can only be turned on for devices that support Extension Mobility feature.
    Any ideas
    Ps: CUCM 7.1.3
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    Subject: RE: Problem with addPhone CTI Port (PHP)
    Replied by: MARCUS STOLZENBERG on 27-10-2009 02:15:31 PM
    I solved the problem.
    ..."enableExtensionMobility"=>"false")));  ==> "enableExtensionMobility"=>false)));
    false is bool and not a string.
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