HELP TO CREATE "DEVICE PROFILE" - error : "Security Profile Not Supported"

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    Created by: Abhishek Goud on 26-10-2009 05:19:17 AM
    Hi, I have been trying to create a function to generate a Device Profile by a button click, but I am failing continuously. I get the error "Security Profile Not Supported for this Device" ... I have used multiple types of configurations ... like "Cisco 7961 Standard Non-Secure Profile" and "Security Profile-2" but NOTHING works ... I am unable to understand what I am doing wrong as I have gone through the AXL API file and I am passing the necessary parameters. I have pasted the code below, please go through it and help me rectify the error.
    AXLAPIService oAXL = new AXLAPIService(_host, _axlUsername, _axlPassword);
                XPresenceGroup pgroup = new XPresenceGroup();
       = "Standard Presence Group";
                XProductInfo _productinfo = new XProductInfo();
                _productinfo.model = "Cisco 7961";
       = "Cisco 7961";
                XModelInfo _modelinfo = new XModelInfo();
       = "Cisco 7961";
                XPhoneProfile phnprof = new XPhoneProfile();
                AddDeviceProfileReq dev = new AddDeviceProfileReq();
       = User.Identity.Name; //name
                phnprof.description = User.Identity.Name; //description
                phnprof.Item = _productinfo;//product info
                phnprof.Item1 = _modelinfo;//model
                phnprof.@class = "Phone";//class
                phnprof.protocol = "SCCP";//protocol
                phnprof.protocolSide = "User";//protocolSide
                phnprof.Item2 = "WIN_Emergency100_CSS";//Calling Search Space
                phnprof.Item3 = "WIN-ODD";//devicepool
                phnprof.Item9 = "Security Profile-1";//Security Profile
                phnprof.Item12 = "Standard Feature";//Softkey Template
                phnprof.Item13 = "Default";//Default User Id
                 phnprof.Item17 = pgroup;//Presence Group
                phnprof.Item19 = "Standard 7961 SCCP";//Phone Template
                //phnprof.dndOptionSpecified = true;
                //phnprof.dndOption = XDNDOption.RingerOff;
                //phnprof.dndRingSetting = "Disable";

                 dev.newProfile = phnprof;

    Subject: RE: HELP TO CREATE "DEVICE PROFILE" - error : "Security Prof
    Replied by: Anitha V on 26-10-2009 08:20:14 AM
    Hi Abhishek,
    Looks like a database issue.
    7961 might not be supporting that type of security profile. Since you are using SCCP phone (7961), could you please try this "Cisco 7961 -  Standard SCCP Non-Secure profile"?
    Also, could you please let me know in which callManager version you are working with?
    Thanks and Regards,

    Subject: RE: HELP TO CREATE "DEVICE PROFILE" - error : "Security Prof
    Replied by: Sascha Monteiro on 26-10-2009 05:35:08 PM
    If you try to create a Device Profile (for Extension Mobility), you need a different class: phnprof.@class =  "Device Profile"
    also, Presence Group and Security Profile is not being used for DP's

    Subject: RE: HELP TO CREATE "DEVICE PROFILE" - error : "Security Prof
    Replied by: Abhishek Goud on 27-10-2009 05:34:42 AM
    Dear Anita,
    Hi, I have used every type and variant of security profile, even what you've mentioned, all with the same error. So, I really am stuck.
    Thanks for the suggestion though ... and I am working on CCM Version is ... please help me out
    Thanks and regards

    Subject: RE: HELP TO CREATE "DEVICE PROFILE" - error : "Security Prof
    Replied by: CHRISTIAN END on 11-05-2010 12:56:30 PM
    i work on the same issue. I tried a lot of things. But without any success.
    In the GUI there is no Field for a Device Security Profile. But i get always the error "Security Profile is not supported for this device".
    Is this a bug or has someone else a idea?
    Thanks a lot!!!