Problem with updatePhone (PHP)

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    Created by: MARCUS STOLZENBERG on 21-10-2009 07:33:42 PM
    I have a little problem with AXL and SOAP/PHP.
    As base I use the php sample code I found in the wiki.
    Now I try the following:
    Both the device and the user are available in the UCM. If I set the ownerid with the help of the ccmadmin page everthing is fine.
    If I run the php script I get the following error:
    SOAP-ERROR: Encoding: object hasn't 'enableExtensionMobility' property
    Any idee why this happens?
    Best Regards,

    Subject: RE: Problem with updatePhone (PHP)
    Replied by: David Staudt on 21-10-2009 10:00:47 PM
    The online UCM help has this to say about the Owner User ID field:

        <a name="wp1407494"> </a>

    From the drop-down list box, choose the user ID of the assigned phone
    user. The user ID gets recorded in the call detail record (CDR) for all
    calls made from this device.

    <a name="1407495"></a>
    Note : Do not configure this field if you are using extension mobility. Extension mobility does not support device owners.

    I gather this means that you shouldn't (can't?) have E/M configured as well as this field.  If E/M is enabled for this device, perhaps that is triggering AXL to reject setting the ownerUserID...can you confirm?
    In any case, you may need to always send enableExtensionMobility (i.e. = false) when setting the ownerUserID.

    Subject: RE: Problem with updatePhone (PHP)
    Replied by: MARCUS STOLZENBERG on 24-10-2009 07:55:18 PM
    Hi David,
    Thanks! You are right.
    and everything is fine.
    Best Regards,