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    Created by: Nagendra Kumar on 22-10-2009 11:39:52 AM
    Hello All,
    I am SE responsible for IPCC technology in South India & Sri-Lanka. Need your help for one the customer requirements which I have listed below.  
      We have proposed UCCX 7.0 along with UCM 7.1 and we also proposed 3845 routers for a contact center requirement. Enhanced Version of UCCX is proposed. Client has requirement as below ¿
    1. UCCX will be used for Inbound Contact Center and IP Communicators are used for agent phones. Client wants to record all the calls. The recording should not depend on only inbound calls. All the calls are to be recorded. We understand from the website that recording is possible in UCM 6.0. But we would like to record all the calls. It should not depend on the ACD to trigger the calls. Can this be achieved? The client will become CTDPartner and can he develop the application on his own? What is the kind of effort required? Client is new to Cisco environment. But they have development team, which is ready to dedicate themselves to develop the application. Need your comments on this.
    2. On achieving the recording, client would like to provide the silent monitor as well. The requirement is as below ¿ Client provides the web interface to real time status of agents. The real time status is available on internet. The end client will see the status of agent as ready, not read, talking etc. If they want to monitor, client will click the monitor button on website. This should prompt the end client to provide his contact number( his mobile number). The web site will accept the contact number. The number should be sent to contact center. Contact center will receive the contact number and make an outbound call to that mobile number. Then silent monitor feature should help end client to silent monitor the agent calls. Can this be achieved? This is currently made possible in Nortel and Dialogic environment. Client wanted this feature. Can this be achieved using the customization? What are the components required? Need your inputs.
    3. Client wanted to have predictive outbound dialer solution to work with UCCX inbound. Can client develop applications to achieve this outbound solution using the features like web-dialer? Should the client go for outbound solution from dialogic or aspect? 
    Request you to please revert at your earliest convenience. We would await your response at your earliest.