Info on Multiple actions with CIscoIPPhoneText objects

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    Created by: Sanjay Mehta on 19-10-2009 09:23:32 PM
    Hi all
    I am using a CiscoIpPhone Text object to push certain display data from my application down to a wireless phone. The desired behaviour is for the phone to display a softkey called "Dial" for example, and when pressed should dial the extension passed in.
    In addition I would also like to know when the user pressed the dial key. I have a lightweight web server built in our app to listen for these posts from the phone.
    For example I have the following structure being pushed down -
                 <Title>Event Messages</Title>
                 <Text>"Make Call"</Text>

    When the user presses the Dial key, the appropriate extension does get called. However our application does not see the HTTP request come in (and I dont think one is being made). Each softkey item only supports 1 URL command and if I use either one of the above 2 URLs, they work individually.
    Any suggestions on how I may be able to set up and push down an appropriate XML object that can not only call an extension but also perfform an http Get/Post back to the calling app, without making 2 seperate calls?
    Thanks in advance

    Subject: RE: Info on Multiple actions with CIscoIPPhoneText objects
    Replied by: David Staudt on 19-10-2009 10:13:13 PM
    I think the below approach will be what you need to consider:
    - Phone pulls a directory page, but instead of a Dial:xxx URI, there is a URL to your web server, e.g.: http://myserver/mydirectory.jsp?dialthisnumber=1000
    - App uses HTTP POST to send a CiscoIPPhoneExecute object to the phone, with 2 <ExecuteItem> elements:
        1) URL=Dial:1000
        2) Init:Services (which will close the application services plane)
    You will get a positive response (success/fail) for the <CiscoIPPhoneExecute>