Open an Idle Url and make it close itself (without turning ON display)

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    Created by: John Osborne on 16-10-2009 12:22:57 AM
    I am a newbie developing for the 792x series of IP phones.  Hopefully you can help me.  Here is what I want to do:
    Using the Idle URL, I want the phone to open an ASP page.  In that ASP page, I execute some VBscript that checks our database for certain information.  Based on that information, I want to do one of two things:
    Case 1: Display some text on the phone (I have managed to do this, of course).
    Case 2: Don't display anything on the phone.  Just go back to the "default" screen on the phone.  I essentially want the Idle Url to "disappear".  However, I also don't want the phone to wake up (turn on the display) in this case.   
    I have found ways to solve Case 2 and get the Idle Url to close itself by using the IPPhoneExecute object, but this always causes the display to turn ON!  This actually sends the phone into a loop where the following happens:
    1. Display goes off
    2. Idle Url opens
    3. Idle Url closes itself.  This causes the display to turn ON again.
    4. After x seconds, display goes off again. 
    Is there any way I can get this ASP page to simply "disappear" without causing the display to turn ON?

    Subject: RE: Open an Idle Url and make it close itself (without turning ON display)
    Replied by: David Staudt on 16-10-2009 02:08:50 AM
    The short answer is that you probably can't do this.
    My one suggestion: when you want to return 'nothing', return a CiscoIPPhoneText object with everything blank, and make sure that you add a Refresh header, that specifies Init:Services as the URL.  I.e.
    Refresh: 1; url=Init:Services
    Now, whether this triggers the backlight to come on or not depends on whether that happens due to the services plane getting opened or whether because you are (possibly) sending a simulated keypress.
    In any case, as soon as the services plane gets closed, the Idle timer will start counting down again.