Adding Parameters to Services

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    Created by: Wes Schochet on 12-10-2009 09:12:42 PM
    I have a (third party) service that takes two parameters.  I use AXL to build ne phones and would like to sopeciy the parameters as well.  has anyone had any success with this?  I don't see it in the wsdl. 
    Currently, the phone is build using this (snipped) xml in the addPhone call:
       <telecasterServiceName>CIPS - CPT</telecasterServiceName>" & vbCrLf
       <name>Messages</name>" & vbCrLf
    This works, but I need to send two parameters to the service:
    devExt=54321 and carrierName=CISCO so the entire URL s/b
    specifying this in the full <url> tag does not work.  I am am stumped!  Any ideas would be appreciated.

    Subject: RE: Adding Parameters to Services
    Replied by: Stephan Steiner on 13-10-2009 09:51:53 AM
    Welcome to the SQL side of the AXL world
    Service parameters are one of those things you need to do directly in the SQL database by using executeSqlUpdate.
    Here's some of my code that sets a service parameter for a service:
            String query = "UPDATE telecastersubscribedparameter SET value = '" + defaultGroup + "' WHERE fktelecasterserviceparameter = '" + parameterUuid + "' AND fktelecastersubscribedservice = " +
                            "(SELECT ss.pkid FROM telecastersubscribedservice ss INNER JOIN telecasterservice s ON ss.fktelecasterservice = s.pkid AND s.pkid = '" + serviceUuid + "' "
                            +"INNER JOIN device d ON ss.fkdevice = d.pkid AND = '" + prof.getName() + "')";
    query = "UPDATE telecastersubscribedservice SET serviceurl = '' WHERE fkdevice = (SELECT pkid FROM device WHERE name = '" + prof.getName()
                        + "') AND fktelecasterservice = '" + serviceUuid + "'";
    That should at least tell you which tables you're looking at... telecasterservice, telecasterserviceparameter are for the service and parameters respectively, telecastersubscribedservice is the service subscription and telecastersubscribedparameter is the configured parameter for a service subscription.

    Subject: RE: Adding Parameters to Services
    Replied by: Sascha Monteiro on 17-10-2009 06:46:38 PM
    that quite easy, all you really need to do is specify the parameters in the URL. (they need to exist in the ipphone service though!!! check case as well...)
    I have created a tool to bulk assign services with parameters..has been working fine for years
    <telecasterServiceName>Personal Address Book</telecasterServiceName>
    <name>Personal Address Book</name>

    Subject: RE: Adding Parameters to Services
    Replied by: Wes Schochet on 22-10-2009 09:51:16 PM
    I tried specifying the parametersin the <url> tag and they just get shaved off.  I am going to sit down and code the SQL call here and see if I can get it to go!

    Subject: RE: Adding Parameters to Services
    Replied by: Sascha Monteiro on 26-10-2009 05:38:36 PM
    well, it really is the way to do it, maybe you a running into a bug, have you checked the casing of the parameters in the URL compared to the parameteres configured in the cucm?