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    Created by: Jyotiparna Mandal on 15-10-2009 07:22:04 AM
    Problem Details: 1.AP_ECCC_CM_1_PM1.AU_CSI_SK1_SG

    Among the above skill groups first 3 skillgroups we use in production.We have created 4th Skill group recently as a dummy skill group.
    When we add skill groups 1st , 2nd and 3rd to an agent the order becomes
    Now if we add skill groups 1st,2nd,4th to an agent the order becomes

    We want to understand the logic behind the order of skill groups.(Is it taking Alphabatical order or Peripheral Number wise or any other logic)
    Its impacting all Billing Agents belong to Australia.
    We have Agent
    Soft Board that are visible through Agent Desktop Application. This Agent Soft
    Board is showing call statistics. Please find the screen shot.
    Now the Skill
    Group for Billing Agent is the Agents will get calls
    related to billing department.
    In our production system
    AP_ECCC_CM_1_PIM1.INT_TRANS_SG skill group is mandatory for internal call
    transfer within the call canter.

    Now, Problem
    is if AP_ECCC_CM_1_PIM1.INT_TRANS_SG skill group comes in 2nd position in Agent
    Explorer under Configuration Manager user can't able to find out the Agent Soft
    So we created one dummy skill group
    AP_ECCC_CM_1_PM1.AU_CSI_SK1_TEST to take  1st or 2nd place and
    AP_ECCC_CM_1_PIM1.INT_TRANS_SG skill group will come to 3rd position.
    We checked
    when  AP_ECCC_CM_1_PIM1.INT_TRANS_SG skill group is not in 2nd position then
    only Agent Soft Board is visible.That's why I want to know the logic behind the
    order of Skill Groups taking place in Agent Explorer under Configuration