AXL SQL Toolkit update of DN description field

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    Created by: DJCanuck1 (simulated) on 07-10-2009 10:38:40 PM
    Wondering if it is possible to update a section of the Call Manager Directory Number description field using AXL. We track cost centers in the last part of the description field on each DN. In the past, I have been updating cost centers as they change using the following:
    (Description field in Call Manager: mailto:Joe@smith@jsmith@4417)
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <!--DTD generated by XMLSPY v5 rel. 4 U (>
    <!DOCTYPE data [
     <!ELEMENT data (sql+)>
     <!ELEMENT sql EMPTY>
     <!ATTLIST sql
     query CDATA #IMPLIED
      update CDATA #IMPLIED
            <sql update="update numplan set description=replace(description,'4417','9999') where description like

    I do the update with this .bat:
    cd \axl

    java -cp .\classes;.\lib\saaj-api.jar;.\lib\saaj-impl.jar;.\lib\mail.jar;.\lib\activation.jar;.\lib\jaxm-api.jar;.\lib\jaxm-runtime.jar;.\lib\xercesImpl.jar;.\lib\xml-apis.jar AxlSqlToolkit -username=XXX -password=XXXXXX -input=Test1.xml -output=Test1.xml -host=CM1


    This works great, but now I need to change cost centers with descriptions that have additional charcters:
     CM DN description : mailto:Joe@smith@jsmith@4417@@Aber 
    I just want to change the 4417. I find that when I try this with the above script, it does not work unless I include the @@Aber. Is there a way to update just the 4417 and keep the @@Aber characters?