CiscoIPPhoneGraphicFileMenu touch area stop working.

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    Created by: Pedro Olivera on 02-10-2009 08:19:08 PM
     I developed a XML Service where I used CiscoIPPhoneGraphicFileMenu to display different graphic menus.
     Each graphic menu use the soft keys to provide additional selections to a text base menu (CiscoIPPhoneMenu) and a text help (CiscoIPPhoneText)

    The service is deployed to be use with 7975G phones and use also the touch screen functionality on these models.

    Initially when I access the service the touch screen areas for the Graphic menu works as it should, I can select any option and the Service provides the proper response as next page.

    I had a problem where the touch screen areas stop working if I access the text base menu or the text base help and then return to the Graphic menu.

    I check my XML object that I send to the phone for the CiscoIPPhoneGraphicFileMenu when I enter in the service and after I go to any of the text base pages (Menu or Help) which use a CiscoIPPhoneMenu and a CiscoIPPhoneText and the XML object is the same with all the touch screen areas that worked the first time.

    When I return from the text base pages I request a new CiscoIPPhoneGraphicFileMenu instead of use the back function of the soft keys.
    I attached a file with the CiscoIPPhoneGraphicFileMenu that I send to the phone.

    I should mention that the touch screen area for the soft keys works all the time even when the touch screen areas for the CiscoIPPhoneGraphicFileMenu stop working.


    My phones have the following firmware:
    7941 SCCP41.8-4-2S
    7942 SCCP42.8-4-2S
    7945 SCCP45.8-4-2S
    7962 SCCP42.8-4-2S
    7965 SCCP45.8-4-2S
    7975 SCCP75.8-4-2S

    My System use a Call Manager Express which use firmware version cme-124-22YB1 which was the only one we found that make the phone to send the MAC address using the special tag embedded in the URL for the service (#DEVICENAME#) as it explain on Cisco Unified IP Phone Services Application Development Notes.

    Basically I would like to know why the touch screen areas stop working.
    If anything I can do to make it work all the time?

    Subject: RE: CiscoIPPhoneGraphicFileMenu touch area stop working.
    Replied by: David Staudt on 02-10-2009 09:44:45 PM
    Sounds like possibly a phone firmware defect.  I would try the latest firmware load available (8.5.3 I believe.)  If the problem persists, please grab a network packet capture, via PC connected to the phone's extra switch port, with Wireshark and attach here with the exact firmware version used.
    There are also some logs available from the phone's onboard web server, just navigate to the phone's IP address in your browser.

    Subject: RE: CiscoIPPhoneGraphicFileMenu touch area stop working.
    Replied by: Pedro Olivera on 05-10-2009 04:48:39 PM
    Thanks for your help.
    I updated the firmware for my phone 7975G to the latest 8.5.3 and now my service is working fine. The touch screen works all the time no matter what type of page it goes too.