Getting Phone's IP using SNMP/Procedure to POST an XML Object to Phone's

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    Created by: Sanjay Mehta on 01-10-2009 02:05:34 PM
    Not sure if this is the right forum and please advice if I should post to a different forum.
    We would like to programtically send a text message (with some soft keys) to a CISCO IP Phone using the CiscoIpPhoneText XML object. The only information we have about the phone is its telephone extension number.
    The procedure at a high level I gather would be  -
    1. Get Phone's IP address from the CM: We are thinking of using SNMP to get the phone's IP address. I am familiar with SNMP and that's why chose it, but there may be other ways to get the Phone's IP address given its extension. Alternate suggestions welcome and appreciated.
    2. Post XML object to phone: With the IP address information obtained, we can construct the CiscoIpPhoneText  XML object with the appropriate tags and text strings and perform an HTTP post directly to the Phone. Posting requires basic HTTP authentication and is there a way to programatically pass in the user name and password that will do the authentication for the post?
    Our sender application is a .NET (C#) application and hence options like JTAPI may not be suitable.
    Thank you in advance for any info provided.

    Subject: RE: Getting Phone's IP using SNMP/Procedure to POST an XML Object to P
    Replied by: David Staudt on 01-10-2009 03:23:34 PM
    SNMP to UCM is a perfectly valid way of getting phone IPs.  Also available is the Serviceability SOAP web service:
    The credentials needed to POST the phone to request are provided via Basic auth in the POST request.  These credentials should be of a UCM appuser/enduser that has been associated to the device.  If you need to provision this user/association programmatically, the Administration XML SOAP web service is available:
    Note, you  might also be interested in the Cisco Unified Application Environment (CUAE), which provides an app server, media services and IDE surrounding easy-to-use abstractions of the above APIs (and many others):