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    Subject: RE: Newbie
    Replied by: YAW-MING CHEN on 28-09-2009 10:21:21 PM
    Hi Kevin,
    You can get more support if you have signed up the developer support program.

    911 application is a critical one, if you are new to Tcl IVR API you may want to make sure everything is OK.
    Thanks !
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    Created by: Kevin Martini on 28-09-2009 09:35:08 PM
    Hi everyone,
    I'm a newbie at TCL...and don't want to clog up a forum with a bad can you tell me...I'm trying to write a script that will be envoked when a user dials 911.  It will simply play a single recording, and then after, connect the call.  I'm having problems getting my code to work, is this the right place for a newbie with what I'm sure will be "dumb" questions?  If not....can you help point me in the right direction?

    Subject: RE: Newbie
    Replied by: Kevin Martini on 29-09-2009 02:34:05 PM
    Understand that 911 is critical...but in my mind, the script I'm trying to create shoudn't be too involved.  I don't want any interaction from the user.  I'm looking to literally just play an audio prompt that states they're going to call 911.  If they hang be it....if they do nothing, the call simply is placed.

    Subject: RE: Newbie
    Replied by: YAW-MING CHEN on 29-09-2009 02:55:01 PM
    The document you need is
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    Most people do it in this way:
    caller dial  or accidentally 911 or x-911, script plays warning message to warn caller that he/she is dialing 911 if not his/her intention please hang up otherwise after announcement dial out 911.
    Some people add a few seconds silence after announcement some people user timer to add a delay.
    Thanks !