Setting CSS on line

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    Created by: Timothy Fletcher on 17-09-2009 04:42:25 PM
    How do I set the CSS on a line. I've tried using the sharedLineAppearanceCSSName and sharedLineAppearanceId elements, in either an addLine or updateLine method, but nothing seems to work. The request completes without an error, but the CSS never gets set.
    I've attached files with the request I'm sending, and the result I get.

    Subject: RE: Setting CSS on line
    Replied by: Sascha Monteiro on 18-09-2009 08:17:48 PM
    you have a typo, it should be shareLineAppearanceCSSName  (not shared with a d)
    get used to the fact that cucm doesn't always give you errors if you send an incorrect request ;-)

    Subject: RE: Setting CSS on line
    Replied by: Timothy Fletcher on 22-09-2009 01:21:47 PM
    Thanks, I would have never noticed that.