CP-7960 Cannot display greek characters in callerid

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    Created by: TASOS PAPADOPOULOS on 17-09-2009 07:29:19 AM

    in my voip network i have mostly 7941G-GE devices and 2 CP-7960s.

    I am running CUCMExpress 7.0(1) and 7960s are running 8.1.2 which is the
    latest firmware.

    I use an application for calling name display info. When a call arrives, a server sends the URL to the phone and the phone requests this URL that contains the caller id info.
       * 7941s are able to display the display info even when the

         characters are UTF-8

       * 7060 are showing weird characters. I have tried to sent the

         display info in many char sets (also Cp-1253 and ISO-8859-7 as

         this the encoding of the phone's web interface when greek locale

         are load on the 7960) but it still shows weird characters.

    I have also loaded Greek locale support for 7960, it displays menus and midcall menus
    in Greek but the call info that is sent from a web server is the same - weird characters!

    Is all this behavior normal for the 7960?