get_file_list throws soap fault error

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    Created by: Chandar vr on 10-09-2009 12:42:26 PM
    I am getting the following error when i try to call the api get_file_list() and get_file with valid parameters.
     2$client = new SoapClient('https://ip:8443/CDRonDemandService/services/CDRonDemand?wsdl',
     3                        array('trace'=>1,
     4                      'exceptions'=>1,
     5                      'location'=>"[url= ]https://ip:8443/axl[/url]",
     6                      'login'=>'user',
     7                      'password'=>'pwd',
     8                       ))
     9$val=$client->get_file_list(array("Start Time"=>'200909101000',"End Time"=>'200909101059'));
    10print_r ($val);

    The error i am getting is
    2Fatal error:  Uncaught SoapFault exception: [SOAP-ENV:Client] cvc-complex-type.3.2.2: Attribute 'SOAP-ENV:encodingStyle' is not allowed to appear in element 'SOAP-ENV:Envelope'. in /path/a.php:25
    3Stack trace:
    4#0 [internal function]: SoapClient->__call('get_file_list', Array)
    5#1 /path/a.php(25): SoapClient->get_file_list(Array)
    6#2 {main}
    7  thrown in /path/a.php on line 25

    Please help me on this ..