new softkeys?

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    Created by: Stephan Steiner on 24-09-2009 08:15:25 AM
    I noted the new IP Phone Services documentation for 7.1(3) ( and by chance, I stumbled upon something I've never heard of
    Does anybody know what the  Feature1 - Feature 20, Session1 - Session6, Applications, Contacs, FixedFeature1-3, NavBack and Release Keys are?
    And what about the Hold and AppMenu keys? Both are already present in the 7.1(2) documentation but I have yet to see them on any phones.
    And I'm looking forward to the 24bit 1024x1024 color screen on the new phones. Hopefully by then we can run midlets as the ip phone services language is still too restrictive (plus on the new phones you can't even use the status screens anymore).

    Subject: RE: new softkeys?
    Replied by: David Staudt on 24-09-2009 01:28:04 PM
    All these new buttons are for new or upcoming phones, AFAIK.
    Midlets...still coming, but much closer now with the new, more capable phone hardware.