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    Created by: Vladimir Banker on 02-09-2009 04:04:29 PM
    We are using EM with LDAP. When we did device XXXX logout via EM and after, that user makes device XXXX login without agent login.
    If we call QUERY_AGENT_STATE_REQ with AgentExtension and AgentInstrument filled with same value device ID(XXXX) we got error CONTROL_FAILURE_CONF Text=FailureCode=1009;CRSErrorCode=0;FailureText=The agent extension is invalid: XXXX;
    After login with CAD, call via SDK is working as well.
    Please help ASAP.

    Subject: RE: New Message from Vladimir Banker in Unified Contact Center Express CTI
    Replied by: David Lender on 03-09-2009 02:38:55 PM
    Login with  CAD means the agent is logged in so you can
    QUERY_AGENT_STATE_REQ.  With logout via EM an no agent login UCCX CTI
    has no information about the extension.