WebView "Drill Down" Question

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    Created by: JAMES HANDERMANN on 24-08-2009 01:51:34 PM
    Can anyone please point me to the information/documentation on how to configure a Infomaker/Webview report that has "DRILL DOWN" capability.
    I.E. I want to take a Calltype report create a link that drills down (Pops a new web browser report) with a different Calltype report.
    Thank you.

    Subject: RE: WebView "Drill Down" Question
    Replied by: Carmen Logue on 28-09-2009 01:34:18 PM
    It is possible to make custom reports with InfoMaker that include drill downs.  See the chapter 5 of the Template Design Guide Using InfoMaker here:  
    It is not possible to create new drilldowns directly from WebView however several existing standard reports have built in drill downs.