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    Created by: Ronnaret Rueangchinda on 24-08-2009 08:57:44 AM
    Is there any way to list all phones ? i want to knwow all phone name, ip, and ext.

    Subject: RE: List all Devices
    Replied by: Kevin Schantz on 25-08-2009 06:45:29 PM
    The best way to list all phones would  probably be to use risport and axl.
    a Short answer:
    first genereate risport and axl apis using the risport and axl wsdl files from your cucm server.
    Second, do a listPhones request using axl, which will return all phone names.
    Third, divide your list of phone names into groups of 200, and request IP addresses and descriptions using risport 200 at a time (there is a 200 result limit on risport)
    Its a rather long (and obnoxious) process, and if i were to describe all of it, this post would be quite long. (and probably inaccurate) Hopefully this gives you a jumping off point.