efficient search phones by description

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    Created by: Kevin Schantz on 21-08-2009 04:07:11 PM
    I am looking for a way to search phones by description, and then receive the description in the return value. So far the only method i can find that does anything like this is ListPhoneByDescription() This however, does not give me what I want, as it does not return all the phone data for each phone. so far, My only solution is to clal getPhone on each result, but when up to 1200 phones can come back, this can take several minutes, I need a faster result... Is there a way to call getPhone and then get an array of phones?

    Subject: RE: efficient search phones by description
    Replied by: David Staudt on 21-08-2009 04:52:24 PM
    Custom queries - which can be highly specific/efficient - are possible using the <executeSQLQuery> AXL request.  This request allows you to use SQL to query the UCM database in whatever way you want.  You will need to consult the Data Dictionary document for your UCM version, and familiarize yourself with the tables/fields/relationships relevant to the data you want.  The 'device' table will likely be the core table you start from - the UCM is fairly highly normalized, so depending on the additional info you may need to perform joins with other related tables.