CiscoIPPhoneInput and plus sign

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    Subject: RE: CiscoIPPhoneInput and plus sign
    Replied by: David Staudt on 19-08-2009 02:14:40 PM
    This is a good observation...will check to see if this is on the roadmap anywhere, and look into getting it added if not.
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    Created by: Roland Russwurm on 19-08-2009 01:57:13 PM
    one of the great additions in CUCM 7.x is that it allows E.164 dialing, so number starting with +....
    Now we have an application where you should input a E.164 phone number in an CiscoIPPhoneInput object where the input flag is set to "T" so the user can only input 0-9,* and # (like the XSI documentation says) but it is not possible to type a +
    Are there any plans that this will be fixed in the firmware because actually a + sign should be perfectly fine in phone numbers (and even required for E.164).
    Stefan Grossberger

    Subject: RE: CiscoIPPhoneInput and plus sign
    Replied by: Roland Russwurm on 26-08-2009 11:45:09 AM
    Hi David,
    do you have an update on this? It is really quite important.