Service Level Calculation out of office

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Created by: MARKUS SCHWEITZER on 12-08-2009 07:57:46 AM

we are using a UCC-E 7.5 and our customer wants only include calls for the service calculation which are routed in the opening hours.
To check the opening hours we are using an administrative script where we set global variables which are checked in the routing scripts for the specific service numbers.
If the service center is closed, the caller gets an announcemnet and the call will be released

So the problem is that every call for the service number hits the call type and also the routing script.
How can we calculate the service level to do not include the calls which are out of office?

Subject: RE: Service Level Calculation out of office
Replied by: Jason Kolb on 13-08-2009 02:36:38 PM
I asked the crew here, and Jay responded with this:
"Since off-hours calls simply hear an announcement, one solution could be to break it away from the main script.  In other words, update the admin script and after setting the variable for ¿closed¿, have an IF statement to say, IF Closed is true, go to a routing script that simply plays the closed announcement.  This will also provide an opportunity to report on the number of calls received off-hours."

Hope this helps!