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Created by: Juan Beltran on 03-08-2009 02:48:34 PM
Hello Cisco,
We are running into some problems with our HR scheduler. We have created custom reports in order to fit our necessities, and also schedule the reports to print automatically with HR scheduler. Now, when we manually print a custom report the report prints fine without a problem. But when we schedule that same report in HR scheduler, the report does not print and the system gives us an error in the log file. Is there anything extra that we have to do in order to print the custom report in HR scheduler?
Here is the log error:
17           ERROR                  Jul 29 2009|18:01:03        1516: Exception while exporting  report ICD_Agent_Call_Summary_Table_en_US           
18           ERROR                  Jul 29 2009|18:01:03        1516:LogComError: the error is = Code= 80043ac6, Code Meaning = IDispatch error #14534
19           ERROR                  Jul 29 2009|18:01:03        1516:Source=Crystal Reports ActiveX Designer  
20           ERROR                  Jul 29 2009|18:01:03        1516: Description=Access denied.            
21           ERROR                  Jul 29 2009|18:01:03        1516: thread in Export method:Exception occurred for report I  
Please help, I have tried many sources and nothing has given us a solution.

Subject: RE: UCCX Historical Reports Scheduler
Replied by: Alby Thottakara on 10-08-2009 08:57:01 AM
Hi Juan,
I think you are using UCCX 7.0(1) or 7.0(1)SR1. This is a known defect for these versions. This happens with fresh install of HRC & Scheduler. This defect resolved in 7.0(1)SR2, SR3 and later versions. To resolve the issue, please do one the following:
1) Apply 7.0(1)SR3 patch on server. After applying the patch, you need to reinstall HRC by downloading HRC exe from appadmin->plug-in page of the patched server.
2) If you don't like to apply a patch now, then please apply the below workaround:
    - Stop scheduler by right click on scheduler icon of  system tray of desktop and then select stop
    - Go to 'C:\Program files' and create a folder 'Cisco CRS Historical Reports'. Then create a subfolder 'reports' under the newly created 'Cisco CRS Historical Reports' folder.
    - Restart scheduler through Start->Programs->Cisco UCCX Historical Reports-> Cisco UCCX Historical Reports Scheduler.
    - Login to HRC and schedule reports
Thanks and Regards