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    Created by: Andrew Belcher on 30-07-2009 11:27:34 AM
    Have an application developed to display the stock quote based on the idle timer. I know within the application toolkit there is sample code to display the phone lines and speed dials. However is there anyway in the code to actually shrink the size of the idle display to get round having to code for the phone lines and speed dials ?
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    Subject: RE: Idle URL Display
    Replied by: Muhammad Sabir on 18-08-2009 07:18:07 PM
    There is an application for Idle URL. It allows you to display a series of text and/or graphics on phone display and you can also control how frequently "rotate" these displays. For exmple, if the phone is Idle for 2 minutes, it can display a text based informative messages (i.e reminder about an upciming event), and after 30 seconds, it can display another screen with graphic or text and so on.
    Google PhoneTop Messenger and you will find it...