How to add a line to a Phone in C#

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    Created by: julien CHODLEWSKI on 29-07-2009 01:46:05 PM
    I already read thisthread  and I think I understand it.
    So I build my XNPDirectoryNumber, get the uuid. And put it in a XLine.

    XNPDirectoryNumber dn1 = new XNPDirectoryNumber();
    //wrote some information into it
    dn1.pattern = "1021";

    dn1.alertingName = "Test 1021";
    dn1.description =  "Description 1021";

    AddLineReq lineReq1 = new AddLineReq();

    lineReq1.newLine = dn1;

    //add the line and get the uuid in lineResponse.@return

    StandardResponse lineResponse = myAxl.addLine(dirnReq);

    XLine lineAppear = new XLine();
    lineAppear.Item.uuid = lineResponse.@return;

    lineAppear.label = "Test Label";
    lineAppear.display = "Test Disp";

    But I don't understand how to add this Xline into my phone. I think that is in newphone.lines.Items, but I tried some ways to do that and no one works fine.
    Can someone help me ?

    Subject: RE: How to add a line to a Phone in C#
    Replied by: Sumesh Menon on 30-07-2009 07:14:57 AM
    Hi Julien,
    Please try following code to add line.

    XIPPhoneLines _lines = new XIPPhoneLines();

    XNPDirectoryNumber newnum = new XNPDirectoryNumber();

    XLineCallInfoDisplay callinfor = new XLineCallInfoDisplay();<font size="2">

    XLine _line = new XLine();

    callinfor.callerName = true;
    callinfor.callerNumber = true;
    callinfor.dialedNumber = true;
    callinfor.redirectedNumber = true;
    _line.callInfoDisplay = callinfor;
     _line.label = "Line1";
    _line.display = "Line1";
    _line.index = "1";
    newnum.pattern = "34444";
    newnum.usage = "Device";
    newnum.aarDestinationMask = "2XXXX";
    newnum.alertingName = "Alerting Name";
    _line.Item = newnum;
    _line.displayASCII = "displayASCII";
    _line.e164Mask = "2XXXX";
    object[] itemsField1 = new object[4];
    itemsField1.SetValue(_line, 0);
    Ur addphone code

    phone.lines = _lines;
    This should work :-)

    Subject: RE: How to add a line to a Phone in C#
    Replied by: julien CHODLEWSKI on 30-07-2009 08:34:40 AM
    Great, it works fine !
    I just had to insert the XNPDirectoryNumber before the phone, and give the uuid to _line.Item and it works.
    Thank you