XML Parse Error on 7970 phone

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    Created by: Maroun Baydoun on 24-07-2009 12:28:25 PM
    I'm running a service that displays a CiscoIPPhoneInput with a single InputItem. The service worked fine on 7940 phones but when testing it on 7970 I got an XML error[4]arse Error.
    This is the XML output:
    <CiscoIPPhoneInput appId="Cisco/Lock" onAppFocusLost="http://localhost:8080/PhoneLock" onAppMinimized="http://localhost:8080/PhoneLock" onAppClosed="http://localhost:8080/PhoneLock">
    <Title>Your phone is locked</Title>
    Enter your password
    Is there anything wrong with that?

    Subject: RE: XML Parse Error on 7970 phone
    Replied by: David Staudt on 24-07-2009 04:25:53 PM
    Per the schema, the <InputFlags> should not contain P by itself.  P is a modifier for one of the other flag types, for example 'AP' for ASCII input, masked as password.
    It's possible the older phone model accepts this and assumes a default.

    Subject: RE: XML Parse Error on 7970 phone
    Replied by: Anatoly Fedchik on 25-07-2009 06:00:03 AM
    In debug goals I recommend to set Response.ContentType to "text/html"
    and you will see error in a more readable form