Muliple corporate directories

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    Created by: Paul Hardy on 25-07-2009 08:39:46 AM
    I am trying to get the IP services LocalizedDirectories to work with OPENLDAP that I have instlled on a windows 2003 server.
    Here is the code I have changed in the directories file
        var ldapserver = "";
        var ldapsearchbase = "dc=tennant1,dc=airport,c=au";
        var ldapport = "389";
        var ldapuserid = "cn=Manager,dc=tennant1,dc=airport,c=au";
        var ldappassword = "secret";
    Eventually I would like to have multiple tennant directories. Using an LDAP browser and the credentials listed above I can browse the directory and find the entries I have in the database. The issue I have is happening on an IP communicator and it keeps giving me an XML parsing error when I try an search.
    Any ideas what I can try, I have the IP services SDK installed on the Windows 2003 server with IIS installed and the Active Server pages enabled.

    Subject: RE: Muliple corporate directories
    Replied by: David Staudt on 27-07-2009 05:37:57 PM
    I would look first at the actual XML output being sent to the phone.  With IPC as the client, you can use a network packet capture tool (like the open source Wireshark) to capture the network traffic, filter for HTTP and see what exactly is sent to the phone. 
    Feel free to attach the packet capture file (.pcap) here if you can't spot anything.