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Created by: Tod Famous on 21-07-2009 09:26:16 PM
I want to make a CUIS report that has contact center data and data from my CRM database, do I need to build a connector?  Is that something I can do myself?

Subject: RE: CUIS Connector
Replied by: Carmen Logue on 22-07-2009 04:09:24 PM
Yes -- to connect to a CRM database, you will need a connector to the Archiver.  Development of the connector requires significant knowledge of the source database so recommend involving either a partner or Cisco Advanced Services who has previously developed connectors.

Subject: RE: CUIS Connector
Replied by: Jason Kolb on 30-07-2009 06:06:30 PM
Alternatively, could create a dashboard with reports from both places.
Also, you can freely drill between reports from different data sources if this works with the data you're looking at.