Procedure to Get IP Phone's Network Settings

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    Created by: Keith Lunn on 16-07-2009 09:02:17 PM
    Hello Folks!
    We recently did an upgrade from CUCM 41.3 to 6.13 at a major facility - so we have a few lessons learnt!
    One thing we found out was that serveral phones did not have DHCP Enabled set to YES and had manual settings for the TFTP server. We had to manually touch each phone and change its settings.
    Before we do another upgrade, I want to gather the Network Settings for each phone that is registered and I am wondering what the most effecient way is to do this? Would I do an AXLl request to CCM and get all phones registered and their ip addresses and then send this (example) URL: to each registered phone and parse the results? Or is there an better, easier or more effecient way of getting this info?
    Also, is it possible to send an update to an ip phone to update its Network Settings? Our phone environment is (7960, 7961, 7970, 7935, 7936).
    Thanks for any suggestions or info!!! I would really apprecite it.

    Subject: RE: Procedure to Get IP Phone's Network Settings
    Replied by: David Staudt on 16-07-2009 11:04:52 PM
    I think the mechanism you describe is going to be the best (only) way to do it.
    Regarding updating - there is no formal mechanism to effect local network settings on the phone remotely.  Via XML Services API, however, it is possible to POST a command to the phone to simulate a key press.  I have heard of folks automating settings changes by sending a serious of keypresses to a phone this way. See the IP Phone Services documentation:
    Note, this would be double-blind, in that you can't be 100% sure (programmatically) if the phone is in a particular state when you start, and you can't get positive feedback on the state of the phone as your app pushes buttons.  So, you probably couldn't sell this as a solution...but if it was me facing walking up to 100 phones or trying some remote button pushing, it would be worth a try
    Another potentially useful XML trick, you can browse to http:///CGI/Screenshot and get an exact screenshot of what's on the phone's display.  Note for phones of the 7940/60 generation, the image format is the special CIP format described in the IPPS docs, for later models the image is .png.

    Subject: RE: Procedure to Get IP Phone's Network Settings
    Replied by: Keith Lunn on 16-07-2009 11:30:11 PM
    Hey David, thanks for your input - I really apprecite it. Yea, I didn't think there was any trustworthy method to update those network settings but I didn't know there a method to push the simulation of a key press....I'll dig out my manuals and look into that!!!!
    Thanks again!!!