Setting EMPTY values with AXL ?

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    Created by: Cedric LABIT on 16-07-2009 12:26:43 PM
    I have a problem when i try to update objects with AXL for replcing an existing value by an empty one.
    For exemple using updateUser I try to unset telephone number using in the request <telephoneNumber xsi:null="1"/> or <telephoneNumber/> but it don't work and i have always the old value in the CUCM.
    When i put an other value it's works.
    What's the right syntax ?
    Tanks for your help

    Subject: RE: Setting EMPTY values with AXL ?
    Replied by: Stephan Steiner on 23-07-2009 07:45:36 AM
    Sounds like a bug.. One of my recent provisioning projects allows for <None> in various fields and irrc I do that by setting the appropriate tag to an empty string (which translated to <tag></tag> (I don't bother using the shortenend notation <tag/> when generating the xml).
    Unless you're on CCM4 (in which case my suggest would be to upgrade), there's executeSqlUpdate which would allow you to send a sql query like
    UPDATE enduser SET telelphonenumber = '' WHERE userid = 'myuserid'
    (or SET telephonenumber = NULL if that's allowed / what is needed... you can run a SELECT telephonenumber FROM enduser WHERE userid = 'myuserid' on a user that has no number (configured so in ccmadmin) and check if the value is an empty string or NULL).