addusers using java program

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    Created by: adithan sundaram on 13-07-2009 09:28:56 PM
    Hi David,
    I am new to the cucm and we are using the
    7.0 version of cucm and we use the provided WSDL in the axl tool kit to create users and assign phones to users in the call manager
    based on the input from external sources like a csv file or database.
    In that process we tried to convert the given AXL wsdl to java using the AXis wsdl2java and getting some compilation errors.
    Is there any documentation on this, how to add users/phones to call manager through Java or any integration system.

    Subject: RE: addusers using java program
    Replied by: David Staudt on 13-07-2009 10:53:13 PM
    Check out the presentation here (along with pre-compiled AXL java stubs for 7.0(1)