CiscoIPPhoneError Number="3"

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    Created by: Steve Cox on 09-07-2009 04:39:17 PM
    What does this error mean?  The only thing I have found in docs say:
    ¿Error 3 = Internal file error
    I am trying to post text to a 7920 phone using :
    "XML=<CiscoIPPhoneText><Title>Title text goes here</Title>The prompt text goes here<Text>The text to be displayed as the message body goes here</Text></CiscoIPPhoneText>";

    to this URL http://phoneipaddress/CGI/Execute/

    I also get this error when trying to display the Phone Log using this url:


    Is there any additional information logged somewhere?


    Subject: RE: CiscoIPPhoneError Number="3"
    Replied by: David Staudt on 09-07-2009 09:57:17 PM
    Have you confirmed the latest available firmware loaded is in use?  Are you providing Basic auth credentials in the POST, using a UCM user associated to the phone?
    It may be helpful to get a look at the HTTP packets sent to/from the phone.  This may be tricky as it's a wireless device - possibly via SPAN on an intermediary router?  Feel free to attach the packet capture here if you don't spot anything unusual.
    Note, it was not originally intended to be able to post XSI objects directly to the phone - the mechanism as originally conceived was to send a CiscoIPPhoneExecute with a URL, from which the phone would then download the desired object (e.g a CiscoIPPhoneText.)  Perhaps the 7920 is expecting this paradigm..?

    Subject: RE: CiscoIPPhoneError Number="3"
    Replied by: Steve Cox on 10-07-2009 02:59:19 PM
    Thanks for your response.
    I applied the latest firmware, 7920.4.0-03-02.  I am using Basic authentication.  I am not familiar with the 'UCM' user.  Is this user setup on the phone, or does it need to be setup in CallManager Express?
    I thought I would get an ErrorNumber="4" if it was an authentication issue, but I could believe it is a configuration issue with the user.  Since both things where I get the error are URLs that look for authentication.
    Regarding your note, I have thought about going that route if I need to.  Thanks again.

    Subject: RE: CiscoIPPhoneError Number="3"
    Replied by: Steve Cox on 10-07-2009 03:43:21 PM
    In Call Manager Express, I tried adding a user by:
     ephone  1
      device-security-mode none
      mac-address "mac address"
      username "user" password "pwd"
      type 7920
      button  1:1
    But I still get error number 3.  Maybe thats not the correct way to do it?

    Subject: RE: CiscoIPPhoneError Number="3"
    Replied by: Steve Cox on 10-07-2009 08:35:40 PM
    I have it working now, but I am not quite sure if I have it all setup correctly.
    The initial thing that seemed to be wrong was the phone did not have a config file.  I was able to do
    to create the config files.
    Then when I would select the, I got an <CiscoIPPhoneError Number="4" />.
    I was then able to go into telephony-service, and add a urlAuthentication pointing to a jsp page of mine.
    url authentication "jsp authentication page"
    Now my phone's config file looks like this:
    <member  priority="0">



    The odd thing is, that sometimes the page does not show up, and I have to go to my services tab, which then hits, which seems to clear things up. 
    Does this make sense?

    Subject: RE: CiscoIPPhoneError Number="3"
    Replied by: David Staudt on 13-07-2009 04:12:56 PM
    Not 100% clear on the scenario...if you're using  a browser to access http://phone_ip/CGI/DumpLogs (a URL that I don't think is documented?) it should pop up a request for user credentials.  Is this happening?  The phone will cache good credentials for up to 30 minutes.
    A packet capture is the most helpful if you can get it.

    Subject: RE: CiscoIPPhoneError Number="3"
    Replied by: Steve Cox on 13-07-2009 06:33:41 PM
    I am running CallManagerExpress, and I have a 7920 Wireless phone, using a Linksys wireless access point, so its hard to get the packet capture. 
    The CGI/DumpLog url is what I get when I hit the phone URL: and the select the Phone Log link. 
    When I click that link, it asks me for username/password, but does then I get a CiscoIPhoneError Number=4.  So I believe that it is not authenticating.  Call Manager express does not seem to have a URL like CallManager of http://call manager ip/CCMCIP/authenticate.asp, so that is why I was trying to add in my own authentication page.
    Do you know if Call Manager Express should have a built-in authentication method?  Or do I need to set it to one of own making?