Dialing a number on Cisco IP Communicator software using API or ActiveX

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    Created by: Jorge Raposo on 07-07-2009 02:52:33 PM
    I work on a call centre where the main function is to attend to our clients needs.
    Sometimes we also need to make small phone surveys. For this we are currently using simple access databases to list and record customers data and responses. The number of phone calls to make is usually small (max 500), so we are not considering the option of acquiring specific software for this task. The cost would not be worth it.
    To make this occasional tasks easier, smoother and faster I would like to have access making the call using pre-installed Cisco IP Communicator software on each computer. Each computer already has this software and everyone uses microphone and headphones to make and receive the calls.
    I'm quite at ease with Office VBA so I was thinking on using some API or ActiveX to send the phone number to Cisco IP Communicator application using either the actual active session or by initiating a new session, but I can't find any documentation about parameters or Cisco API functions or even if there is any ActiveX control I can embed on a form.

    Is there any way of doing this?
    Thanks in advance for any possible help.

    Best Regards
    Jorge Raposo

    A valid answer could be that it is not possible to control Cisco IP communicator through MS Access, although I hope this is not the final answer :-)